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Profile Submissions

Post  Allosaurus8376 on Wed Jul 31, 2013 6:09 pm

Post your profiles for your New Blood characters here. For every character in the game, it needs to fill out a profile. An example for a profile form would look something like this:

Name: (what is your character called?)
Species: (what type of animal is your character?)

Gender:: (is your character male or female?)
Current Age: (how old is your character?)
Height: (how tall is your character?)
Length: (how long is your character?)
Weight: (how much does your character weigh?)
Coloration: (what does your character look like? scars, distinguishing features can also be added, but stick to the given coloration in the field guide for said species)

Territory: (where does your character tend to stay at?)
Bio: (what is your character's backstory? try to be creative with your biography on your character, please.)
Favored Prey: (what does your character prefer to eat?)

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