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Rules and Guidelines

Post  Allosaurus8376 on Wed Jul 31, 2013 5:44 pm

Section 1: Introduction
Hello there, fellow member. If you are new to this board, let me be the first to give you a warm, hearty welcome to the New Blood board!! My current username is Sinornithosaurus, but in the near future, this may change. If so, you can still contact me at the legendary Jurassic Park Legacy Forums under the username 'Richard Levine'. The purpose of this forum is to give the people of the Internet a safe, clean and enjoyable discussion board about the infamous Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis game released in 2003.

Along with this, i have created currently two special official board RPG's, one where you can play as a prehistoric animal living their lives out on the abandoned Isla Sorna facility, and the other where you again play as a prehistoric animal trying to survive in the ruins of Jurassic Park: Isla Nublar. We now have two, but i plan on adding a few more as time progresses.

Before we begin your journey in the board, I have created this set of rules to keep the balance of peace and bliss on the forum in check. These rules may seem harsh to some people, but this is the only way i know of to keep people from posting innapropriate content and excessive cussing, making this board an unsafe and dangerous place of hatred and exclusion, one example of a forum would be the late OGP.

The rules are divided into three sectors. As each sector progresses, the rules get more severe according to the event and the punishments are greater for the action. First, let start off with small stuff, like double-posting and such.

Double-Posting: Although this isnt really much of a rule, i've seen this occur on many boards that i feel as this should be a rule. Double-posting is probably the least serious offence of rules and the punishments are very minor if done once. Double-posting one results in a verbal warning, and the two posts are merged. Doing it twice results in one profile warning, and the posts are again merged. Done once more and the user is banned for five days (one school week, for younger members), and the posts are again merged. Further repeation can lead to a permanent ban, or for short, a perma-ban.

TIP: TO avoid accidental double-posting, as this happens sometimes when you click "submit" too many times, check the topic you posted in or created, to make sure it didnt duplicate itself. If it did, please delete the extra topic/post.

Spamming: Spamming is a form of posting a message which make absolutely no sense, like random stuff or simply scribble like, for example, asgadfgadvyad. This is a bit of a minor rule if done once, but done three times results in a two week ban, or two school weeks for our younger folks. We have a Grill and Steakhouse for a reason, which is where all randomness stuff goes for a reason, but no posting scribble as shown above in that area.

Emoticons Spamming: I think we all know what an emoticon is. If you dont, words like or or are emoticons. And we should all know what spamming is, as described above. Bring the two together, and you have emoticon spamming. Like regular spamming, this can be very minor if done one or twice, but doing it three or more times in a row leads to a one to two week ban. I reccomend you dont do this, or normal spamming, at all.

Backseat Moderating: Backseat moderating is where a user pretends that they are a mod member, and threaten other members that they will ban them or 'write them up', regardless if they cant. If done once, it's just a verbal warning and the threatened user is told not to worry, done twice and the user is banned for a brief period of usually a day or two. Done three times results in a months ban. Try avoid doing this, as you will face some big consequences if dont continuously.

Reviving Dead Topic: Although not really a rule, try not to bump up topics which are over nine months old. Bumpng topics which are at least five days old and have had no new posts are allowed to be bumped, and if you are the last to post in it, you are allowed to 'double-post'.

Quotes: You are allowed to have up to eight quotes in one post, in order to keep the forum running smoothly and using space conservatively. Also, this is the limitation because some members find it annoying to scroll down the page for long periods of time because of a large amount of quotes.

One or Two Word Posts: The minimum numbers of words in a post is three, who when you only have one thing to say, like 'cool' and 'nice', add stuff to it like 'cool, i like that idea' or simply put after the word 'put here to avoid one word post'.

Stealing: Is a major offence. Stealing other peoples work, as well as impersonating a member can result in serious punishments, the maximum being IP-ban, where the IP where one member is is banned, denying them access to create another account. Stealing other peoples work, like JPOG skins, will give the stealer a one week ban, a second steal results in a two-week ban, doing it one more time results in an IP-ban.

No Permission: Posting other's people's work on the board, along with using other peoples work in some sort of pack without permission will also result in the same consequences as Stealing, listed above this message.

TIP: If you really need to use other peoples work for like a project, it is reccommended you send them a PM asking for permission. If the person says no, you dont use it.

Insulting: Insulting other members, especially picking on new members, is extremely prohibited. This will result in a one to two week ban on the member. The punishment is more severe is you have insulted a staff member. Doing it once results in a one and 1/2 week ban, and doing it again results in a months ban. Once more results in an IP-banishment.

Board Reputation: I am working very hard on making this site an enjoyable, safe and clean discussion board for everyone, and making comments making this site looking unsafe and dangerous will result in great offenses.

Racism: It is STRICTLY forbidden to write, post or even joke about Black, Asian, Canadian, etc people. This will not be accepted even in the slightest, because this is the gravest of all offenses as it not only insults one person but the entire site. Anyone caught breaking this rule will be IP-banned and their account will be deleted as well as any trace of said use, in other words they never existed.

Political Debating: I don't want this crap on the board. People sometimes take their opinions too seriously, and before you know it we got a flame war in the Paleontology section.
I don't wanna see any talk of Democratic, Politicians and such around here, or else their will be consequences.

Religious Debate: Same thing goes for religions debate. Like politics, people have their opinions taken too seriously and start flame warring against each other, resulting in banning or two. Plus, stuff like September 11 conspiracy talk is forbidden, because many people have their opinions and can easily result in flame wards here.

These rules are for EVERYONE, members, staff, special groups and mods.

This topic will be edited as time passes, but for now, follow these rules, and you'll have a nice, enjoyable time on the board.

See ya around the forum!

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