Delta Compounds

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Delta Compounds

Post  Allosaurus8376 on Sun Sep 01, 2013 2:42 pm

One of the few remaining InGen structures on Isla Sorna, the Delta Compounds stick out like a sore thumb in the enviroment of the area. Surrounded only by a perimeter fence which has seen better days, the facilities of the compound arent as impressive as the Workers Village or the EALC; all that remains is several holding facilites, a few watchtowers, ruins of a small town, a good-sized cloning facility, and an abandoned garage with several destroyed cars.

The buildings are all moldy and dirty, the windows are broken, and the rooms have overturn tables, old and torn documents, shattered computer monitors, chewed up kitchen utensils; utterly something like the ruins of a bomb attack on a small city. The buildings have almost been overtaken by the jungle; tree vines wrapped around objects, grass sprouting out of the tile flooring, and animal tracks and nests litter the floor. Older dinosaurs avoid these areas, partially becuase of the horrible memories of being caged up in cold, metallic pens.

And partially because of the Herrerasaurs and Carnotaurs that roam this area.

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