Pteranodon Aviary

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Pteranodon Aviary

Post  Allosaurus8376 on Sat Aug 31, 2013 6:26 pm

Quite possibly the largeest man-made faclity on Isla Sorna, the Pteranodon Aviary is one of the spookiest places to be on Isla Sorna, specifically on a foggy, early morning with Pteranodon screeches filling the air. The metallic bars have long since been perfectly rusted, and dried-up, year old droppings have littered the interior and exterior.

Made known as a "pit stop" for the stranded group led by Dr. Grant in JP3, the Pteranodon Aviary has a bit of a misleading name. Not only did the Pteranodon Aivary hold one of the three species of Pteranodons; Pteranodon "Hippocratesi", but it also had a secret area where the population of aggresive Cearadactylus Atrox were held. After InGen fled the island, the Cearadactylys were able to escape, leaving the Pteranodon Hippocratesi locked up.

That is, untill the foolish Amanda Kirby left the Aviary gates open.

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