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Grill and Steakhouse

Post  Allosaurus8376 on Sun Aug 25, 2013 3:44 pm

Instead of an ordinary chatbox and because im so cheap, we got a Bar and Grill, which serves the same basic purpose except its, well; a Bar and Grill. Razz Post and talk about virtually anything, but i dont wanna see spam in this area; it will be removed and a verbal warning issued.

1)No spam, illegal content or child pornography.
2)No godmodding, which is where you basically act like the boss even though you arent. First time results in a verbal warning, second time a profile warning, third time a temporary banning. Further pushing will result in greater offenses.
3)Keep violence at a minimum, so dont have your posts at an equal level of gore as Cupcakes or any excessive horror flick.
4)Respect should be given to anyone. Breaking this rule can result in various offenses, depending on the offense.

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