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Operation Genesis Encyclopedia

Post  Allosaurus8376 on Wed Aug 14, 2013 6:25 pm

Associated with New Blood forums, the Operation Genesis Encyclopedia is an wikipedia-like website destined to have a complete database on virtually everything that is known about the infamous 2003 game, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. Of course, I simply cannot run this site alone; I need help. In order to apply as a writer for the website as well as gain access to editing and adding information to it, you must shoot me a private message filling out a simple form listed below:

Username: (what is your username here?)
Example Subject: 9what is the name of the video game you are reviewing??)
Review: (here, please type out a short and simple review of any game you can think of, . Please have good grammar when reviewing, and I will look over the review)
Reasons Why You Should Join: (please list two reasons why I should allow you to be a writer on the site)

Fill out the blanks, send me a PM to my  profile, and I will try to get to it and look over it as soon as possible, When you are accepted, you will be considered part of the Gamer family, and expected to create at least one new topic subject every week or two, to keep up with standards.

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