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Post  Allosaurus8376 on Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:22 pm

So, you wanna be a staff member, eh? I'm pretty sure everybody who joins wants to. But if your really dedicated to being active on this site, as well as being an honest moderator, you may have what it takes. Now of course, you need to follow some things:

1) You must be a member for two weeks.
2) You have to have at least fifteen posts.
You cannot have more then three warnings on profile.
4) You have to be willing to handle the duties of moderation, which is fixing/deleting spam post, managing members and overseeing the board itself.
5) You have to be over age twelve in order to apply.
6) You must have good grammar for both moderator and game review positions.
7) Fill out the application below:

Username: (what is your username?)
Applying For: (what position are you applying for? moderator, game reviewer, etc.)
Experience on other Boards: (what experience with staff do you have on other forums?)
Staff Positions on Other Boards: (what positions have you held on other forums?)
Reasons: (tell us why I should have you as a staff member?)

Fill out the form above and post it here, and I will decide along with other mods whether you are accepted or rejected.

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